Kiana Ruch-Founder and CEO

GENEICD Founder, Kiana Ruch is trained as a Biologist with a focus on clinical research. She takes pride in leading the development team in producing innovative laboratory middleware and health IT solutions.  Ms. Ruch is driven to improve clinical efficiency, provide faster diagnosis, and reduce environmental impacts of laboratory testing.  Ms. Ruch will receive her doctorate degree in 2022 as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, with an additional board certification in Oncology.   Ms. Ruch has been honored to present at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester.  While at Mayo, she introduced clinical applications of genomics software by using genome browsers to identify commonalities in sequence data to identify the molecular pathway in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  Kiana is an author of the Human Genome Project: annotating the Eugracillis Dot Gene; Contig17.  Most recently, Kiana was recognized for contributions for phytochemical research on Arum Palaestinum, a traditional medicinal plant.  She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, enjoys golfing, and caring for her 2 cats, Gwen Stefani and Barbara Streisand

Aaron Sterling-Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technology Officer Aaron Sterling, has worked at Vanguard, and is responsible for their Global Header Front End deployment.  This web interface is merged with over 50 applications, so management and communication are his strongest assets.  Aaron is proficient in programming, project prioritization, and communicating needs with Product Owner’s when Stakeholders have competing needs.  Prior to finance, Aaron did work with Amazon Workspace evaluating cloud diagnostics.  He has excelled in research in DNA-self-assembly and bio-computing.  In 2009, was awarded for Computation and Engineering from the International Society of Nanoscale Science.  His peer-reviewed research spans many disciplines from semantic commuting, chemical ontologies, and distributed networks.  Aaron plans strategic objectives for the whole team.  Aaron delivers a level of managerial expertise in ensuring long-term security, vision delivery, and fluidity between lab, cloud service, and delivery to the provider.

Nick Johnson

Chief Operating Officer Nick Johnson has a background in software development and a passion for new technology.  His experience as an oil field crew manager and lead technologist for drill operations gives the GENEICD team an upper hand in adaptability while completing sprints and building new technologies.  Nick handles pressure well and is usually the last to turn out the lights.  Leveraging his background in business, Nick manages the content and design of the public website, GENEICD marketing campaigns, and hosts demos for new customers.  He resides in Fargo, North Dakota, and stays active playing many sports.  When not spending time with his family,  Nick enjoys both playing and collecting guitars. 

Bryce Hill-Head of Health Integration

Head of Health Integration, Bryce Hill, has experience at Health Current as a Sr. Data analyst/developer, Data Consultant for Kaiser-Pemanente, Senior System Analyst with Cambria Health Solutions, and Data Management for Michigan Public Health Institute.  He has expertise in healthcare Value Based Programs (VBP), Payment Innovations (PITC), accountable health, membership, premiums, claims, settlements, and transactional health data.  As a healthcare developer, his diversified  background includes experience in Milliman software managing Global Revenue Value Units (GRVU) in Hospital Evaluation & Comparison System™ (HECS™), migration off of legacy databases to production RDBMS and implementing Extract, Transform and Load  (ETL) operations in Oracle and SQL servers.  Bryce ensures strategic health integration and platform development logistics are balanced for seamless deployment.  His role is to implement ease of use for labs and providers, maximize platform efficiency, and high speed of delivery for our analytics services to physicians and patients.